Beat Your Shopping Addiction

Overcome your denial and confront your compulsive shopping.

Overcoming a Shopping Addiction

shopping addiction recoveryA shopping addiction is a slippery slope to tumble down. It starts off seeming harmless and before you know it, you are unable to pay your bills and are driving away your significant other. Shopping addiction can become ugly quickly, which is why it is important to overcome your shopping addiction and stop it in its tracks. You may feel like this is impossible because you have tried and failed at it before, but rest assured, you can be in control of your shopping habits by being diligent in your recovery.

The first step is beating your denial. This is the hardest part of confronting an addiction, yet it is essential for every addict to face. Be willing to admit that you have a problem. Recognize that, for whatever reason, shopping gives your brain the dopamine that it craves and somewhere along the line, you began to depend on it for happiness, stress relief and normalcy. Accepting and understanding your own mental condition is an imperative step to recovery.

The next step is taking your recovery seriously. It is easy to scoff at shopping addiction and make light of it because it does not involve needles or narcotics or overdoses. But if you ever hope to beat your shopping addiction, you must take the consequences that it can have on your life seriously. The fact of the matter is, a shopping addiction can leave your life in shambles. Friends, family, coworkers and financial institutions will becomes discouraged with you as you spend all your resources on shopping. In taking your recovery seriously, you must become aware of your triggers and learn how to manage them. You must find healthier ways of spending your time, money and energy in order to balance yourself. You must teach yourself how to reach out for help and be vulnerable. And you must create for yourself a healthy support system if you do not already have one.

A shopping addiction can be a menace to your life, but there is hope of overcoming it. If you have tried and failed on your own, do not be ashamed to reach out for help from mental health professionals or addiction specialists. You will not be judged or laughed at. Shopping addiction is recognized as a legitimate condition and the help of a mental health professional can be exactly what you need to get your life back.

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