Beat Your Shopping Addiction

Overcome your denial and confront your compulsive shopping.

Do Shopping Addicts Need Treatment?

treatment for shopping addictionWhen the term “shopping addict” is used in all seriousness, you can almost hear people’s eyes rolling at how quickly the idea is brushed off. After all, isn’t the word addiction saved for life threatening things like a cocaine addiction or a meth addiction? The answer is no. Addiction is all around us. It exists in the form of sugar addiction, salt addiction, phone addiction and yes, you guessed it, shopping addiction. A shopping addiction is a very real and very serious things. Does it pose as immediate a threat as a cocaine or meth addiction? No. But, can it ruin your life over time? Absolutely. People with shopping addictions, particularly severe ones, need to bring their bad habit of over shopping to an end by any means necessary.

Does this mean that shopping addicts need addiction treatment? The answer is complicated. Professional treatment, in the form of rehabilitation or counseling, is not for everyone. There are many people who are capable of using self help resources to heal their addiction problems, and others yet who derive their strength from support groups or other close relationships. However, any addiction, be it to shopping or gambling or a substance, warrants treatment when the addict wants to quit, has tried to quit and has failed. This is a sign that help is needed, which is natural and normal as we are social beings that are required to reach out for help sometimes in life in order to survive.

One does not even need to think of themselves as an addict, if that term comes too loaded with stigmas and stereotypes, one can simply identify that they are doing something that has become a problem. Shopping compulsively means that a person is shopping with little to no regard for healthy budgeting, impulse control or space management. It is only a matter of time before they are unable to pay their bills or keep a handle on their lives. If that is not serious, it is hard to say what is. If a shopping addiction is robbing you of normalcy, look into addiction treatment. It just might be the thing that can turn your life around!

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