A behavioral addiction, shopping addiction involves compulsively purchasing things to satisfy one’s psychological needs/feelings by avoiding negative feelings, such as anxiety or depression.

Behavioral addictions, such as shopping addiction, can become overbearing and compromise other parts of your life. Shopping addiction (oniomania) is perhaps the most socially acceptable form of addiction because it is compulsive and usually accompanied by no consequences.

There will be times when we want to spend money on things that are not necessary, and that’s okay because we are human.

In contrast, our spending spirals out of control when we keep succumbing to the temptation of impulse shopping. A person who struggles with a shopping addiction will typically spend more time and money than they can afford while shopping, leading to financial difficulties. 

This article will bring to light how to control shopping addiction to avoid getting into trouble. 


Have you ever considered how much money you spend? Daily, most people don’t keep track of how much they spend and how much they buy. This makes it difficult to understand how much they need. By tracking every single penny, you will be able to analyze your spending habits and patterns, you’ll be able to discern where you’re spending most of your money and take steps to save.


Creating a clear path between saving money and enjoying your favorite activities is the goal here. Additionally, adopting this habit will make you focus on something other than your addiction, thereby helping to decrease your desire to buy things.


Any addiction must be treated with a healthier alternative to meet the need. The objective here is not to substitute addiction for something that is more addictive but to replace a negative addiction with something positive, healthy, or at least neutral.


There is no harm or shame in asking for help from friends, families or even get professional help. Sometimes we can deal with our issues alone and seeking help would help us overcome them quickly and easier.